Slack Tips

Written by Danielle Almond

Slack is one of our favourite tools at Super HQ. It helps us have more productive conversations about work projects and also our many internal Super natural duties. Slack’s built up a rather large fan base now and its use amongst cool tech companies like us (ahem) is rife.

For the stat fans among you, below are some of Slack’s vital statistics which are testament to its popularity:

  • Half a million people use Slack daily
  • The start-up is only 2 years old
  • It’s valued at $1 billion
  • Slack received a 75% user increase in just six months

For project management Slack can be particularly useful, allowing users to receive informal feedback, formalise project decisions into written communication, and reduce the need for meetings as decisions can be made quickly on an ad hoc basis.

Slack seems to have a myriad of useful integrations which seem to be constantly updating. With that in mind, here’s our rundown of our favourite features in Slack, some productive and some not as much:

1. Use Slack as your to-do list. Type “/remind me to do [a thing] at [a certain time or date]” in Slackbot



2. If you type a hex colour code (like #e1d0e9), a colour swatch will appear next to it.


This is our Super natural pink if you were wondering.


3. Create bulleted lists by typing option + 8 on Mac or alt + 0149 on Windows


Great for giving colleagues long lists of amends to do.


4. Create custom emojis



Oh hi Steph!


5. React to Slack messages with emojis.


Sometimes an emoji reaction says a thousand words.


6. Pin important messages to a #channel so you can access them easier later


A great way to save Slacks and documents for easy access later to save them getting lost when a channel has lots of messages.


7. Use Slack Stack to easily find integrations for almost anything


Because Slack has so many integrations available, Slack Stack is a great way to sort through them to exactly what you want.


8. Use /giphy #echo converts any text into quite a trippy GIF


Sometimes a GIF really gets the message across a lot better!