Channel 4

Channel 4’s highly anticipated series Deutschland’83 was the first German-language drama ever to air in the US, proving a hit on SundanceTV channel this summer where it has was hailed as “engrossing” (Time Magazine), “slick” (The Hollywood Reporter) and “fresh and enjoyable” (The New York Times).

The series, which was acquired from AMC, also coincides with the launch of Walter Presents, the new on-demand foreign language drama service available exclusively on All 4. Naturally we were thrilled to take on the task of promoting this show digitally.

When we saw the latest creative from Channel 4 illustrating the two different veins of thinking in post-World War II Germany by depicting the ‘fun’ socialist West with a bright free spirit and the solemnly depicted Pro Soviet East, we thought, “What a perfect opportunity to utilize a term we call ‘passive interactivity’”.

We term it passive in that, the ad works as well when interacted with as it does when not. The up front animation slides left to right revealing the full artwork for both sides of the Berlin wall. After a timeout the ad transitions into its end frame state displaying the usual show title and trailer lockup. At this point the ad is still interactive and users are able to reveal the full ad artwork by moving their mouse left to right without obscuring the important marketing messaging. Of course, as with all our ads, both these formats could have ended up on devices where no mouse is present. In these cases the ads will still function as planned, just without the added interaction element.

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