Educating Yorkshire

Channel 4

Aside from our core offering of crafting digital production, we don’t get involved in the conceptual creative process as often as we would like, often because an idea will already exist in some shape or form. With Channel 4’s ‘Educating Yorkshire’, a warm and humorous exploration of what it’s like to grow up or work in a secondary school in the heart of a diverse northern community, we stepped it up a gear.

Channel 4 supplied us with around one hundred pieces of artwork created by the pupils of Thornhill Community College which had been primarily created for use in the print campaign; we were tasked with bringing all of this to life in an online advertising space. The simple solution would have been to simply put the artwork in a banner and be done with it, however we felt that there was too much potential here to just take the easy route so we inked our quills and headed to an obligatory coffee shop in an obligatory part of East London to really get to grips with it. The idea here was to create a little story that explains the show through the eyes of the students themselves, using as many of the illustrations as possible to help tell the tale. With a plethora of great content on offer, we felt that there might be quite a lot for users to take in all at once so by adding the interactive drag bar we gave users the option to go back and explore their animated artwork closer, further enhancing their charming stories of life behind the school gates.