Channel 4

TV’s toughest critics are back! We’d worked on Gogglebox campaigns before with 4Creative but the increasingly popular semi-reality telebox observation show demanded a new and more impactful online presence for this, its 4th series. We went all out and created this highly memorable set of week-by-week homepage takeovers to run on the Radio Times. The creative comprised a series of interactive questions and answers that utilised curated Gogglebox content from the Goggleboxers themselves accompanied by character-led wallpaper skins for each of the couples featured on the show to help deliver maximum impact on the page.

With support from trailers promoting the episodes on-air, the digital activity sought to drive awareness and build excitement with a themed update each week. The nature of the show meant that each video’s content was produced just 12 hours before each successive go-live, resulting in turnaround times – from production company, to our studio, to ad-server, to publisher testing to go-live – that were extremely challenging.

Being completely HTML5-based meant that the full interactive experience was cross-platform, extending the reach and experience beyond just Desktop, to Mobile and Tablet devices as well. It even worked in Internet Explorer as we’d heard that some people still use that too.

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