ITV’s latest digital platform release, the ITV Hub, brings together all the best bits from all of their channels. Naturally they needed the best agency on the circuit to bring their motion graphics to life in HTML5 world. It’s what we do best and we didn’t disappoint with this; in fact we surprised ourselves at how good these animations look. The campaign ran cross-platform and the intricate animations were required to work as well on device as they did on desktop. We also delivered a high impact interactive iPad interstitial running in-app with The Guardian. This execution allowed users to discover a larger range of shows now available on ITV Hub.

Doing what we do best, we successfully turned animation treatments created in AfterEffects into rich ads, replicating the TV treated sequences into smooth HTML5 animations. The ads incorporate the new, dynamic branding and colour palette. Based on the dot above the ‘I’ on each of the ITV channel logos – ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, CITV and ITVBe – reinforcing the message that the on-demand experience is a natural extension of the linear TV channels. The dots are able to interact, change size and morph into other shapes.

The new brand identity is particularly exciting and here at Super natural we are pleased to have brought this distinct digital look and feel online.

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