Jekyll and Hyde


Jekyll & Hyde is ITV’s latest Sunday evening drama. The action and fantasy series is inspired by the acclaimed novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, one of literature’s most important and influential characters. Set in 1930s London, the drama plays homage to the troubled hero, Robert Jekyll, the grandson of the original doctor.

The show makes use of advanced CGI techniques visualising the character’s transformation from Jekyll into Hyde. Assets were shared with Super natural to create the compelling advertising campaign.

Aligning itself to the digital out of home activity, the cross-platform display ads featured Jekyll transforming into Hyde. Becoming more and more angry before eventually smashing the glass in front of him, shattered glass cascades down the ad unit and Jekyll is transformed revealing the Hyde character he has now become.

Making use of device-detect, users were shown the most optimal version of the creative depending on the device they were on; a video sequence if on a Desktop, while the detection of a user on a Tablet or Mobile devices triggered a shortened ‘SuperLoop’ sequence – a series of video frames displayed in quick succession creating the illusion of an auto-play video sequence.

Not only was the ad a a smash with our clients at ITV, we were also rather chuffed to hear that the campaign helped viewing figures peak at 3.4 million for the opening episode which was 15.7% of the viewing audience.

The ads ran simultaneously on three separate homepage takeovers on The Guardian, The Telegraph and Radio Times.