Mating Season ‘Symbols’

Channel 4

This, the second part of ‘Mating Season’ – a series of programmes on modern dating in the 21st century – saw 4Creative commission Noma Bar to produce a fantastic set of male / female gender symbols with a modern twist. To deliver this message we produced a full rich media ad campaign with some of the most complicated date logic we’ve ever written.

The high profile campaign ran over 8 weeks and each week the ‘Mating Season’ strand of programming provided a plethora of insights into modern dating. Week one started with ‘Dates’, followed by a number of other dramas and documentaries from ‘How to Find Love Online’, to ‘First Dates’ and ‘Why Am I Still Single?’. If the campaign art direction was described as having a twist, the technical approach called for an even bigger twist. Encompassing multiple formats and homepage takeovers, we could have produced a full set of ads for each new show but chose to tackle the content changes in a more intelligent way; each ad contained up to 9 different trailers, 7 different animations and 19 different sets of messaging. Pre-programmed to recognise users’ date and time, all the ad placements displayed the correct messaging and relevant trailer for that day/week’s activity.

Randomised here for your viewing pleasure!