Nike CTR 360


A nice concept from Wieden + Kennedy to promote Nike’s new ‘CTR360’ performance football boot, these two ad executions were used as part of Nike’s global toolkit.

The concept, like the name, required a 360 degree asset. Built in MediaMind AS2, we added a touch of interactivity by embedding the FLV and controlling the playback of the target movie clip’s timeline in accordance with a selected hot spot – this in turn corresponded to a particular frame number. Each hotspot plays the 360 degree flv sequence and stops at a certain point to showcase that part of the boot.

In addition to some subtle but slick visual effects, we also added some dynamic functionality to the back end by taking advantage of MediaMind’s ‘Smart Versioning’. Depending on publisher requirements, the respective variables can be amended on the fly to change the expansion or contraction method, i.e. click or rollover to expand / click or roll-off to contract. No need to duplicate FLAs, re-upload, re-submit for QA or re-traffick … awfully handy when your ads need to work around the world.