Channel 4

The Stakeholder project is comprised of highly targeted ad placements strategically booked to align with the target audience and intended to promote selected hard hitting programme titles on Channel 4.

Promoting shows such as ‘Indian Summers’ , ‘This is England ‘89’, ‘Dispatches’ and ‘Unreported World’, the ads take the form of in-app interstitials exclusively shown on tablet devices. Featuring full page artwork, these multi-orientation interstitial ads are displayed in between content pages and are launched after a fixed number of navigation swipe actions are completed.

‘Hand coded’ and delivered directly to publishers as zip files rather than ad-served through a third party, the Stakeholder suite of ads has honed the team’s skills in tablet-specific ad build and design. Without the fail-safe of an ad-server QA, our usual QA processes have been sharpened to ensure that these builds are bulletproof. We also needed to integrate new processes to successfully ensure that the ads were, as ever, correctly and accurately tracked using individual tracking pixels.

The long running campaign showcases one piece of content approximately every quarter. Using our custom, hand coded techniques, we’re able to efficiently create the ads each time knowing they are technically robust. Our experience, and the ever present process we strictly adhere to for all projects, places us perfectly to work on tight turnaround bookings meaning that ads can be built and delivered with the utmost efficiency.

The project has also cemented our relationship with the publishers who know that ads delivered to them from Super natural will always be delivered in good time and technically sound.

We’re looking forward to working with our chums at Channel 4 on more of these campaigns, investigating different creative animation techniques to really make sure these ads work hard and remain as eye catching and engaging as possible.