Thanks 4 ‘Promotions’

Channel 4

Working with Channel 4’s VRM team, we created a set of brand guidelines and a suite of ad templates designed to promote the new Thanks 4 rewards hub.

The hub’s aim was to serve as an additional layer of benefits for C4 registered viewers, benefiting them with exclusive competitions and offers from the shows they were watching the most.

The whole of Thanks 4 was promoted by email as well as social in addition to the on-site Leaderboards and MPUs lovingly created by Super natural. Produced in the most efficient way possible, the ads were created with the aim of being able to work as templates making use of the already existing assets to promote an endless number of promotions throughout the whole life cycle of Thanks 4.

Using assets specifically shot for the new brand, the ads featured ‘podiums of delight’ showcasing a hero image representing the category the reward is from as a whimsical object on a podium. Repurposing these podium-shot assets, ads were created featuring eight different categories.

Along with a suite of master ads created by us to get the promotional activity going, we produced a set of brand guidelines documenting how the brand elements should be used allowing the internal teams at Channel 4 to produce exciting designs with a high degree of creative flexibility.