Three ‘Share The Pony’


This moonwalking shetland pony caused so much of a stir with his slick dance moves that it became an internet viral sensation over the course of its first weekend! Part of a superb brief from Wieden+Kennedy for Three mobile using the strap line ‘silly stuff, it matters’, we were asked to produce all digital advertising across desktop and mobile which ran in some very high profile placements such as MSN, Skype, The Telegraph and Mail Online. Using a combination of embedded YouTube Players and some funky, multi-genre, equestrian-defying dance moves on the part of our wonder pony, we helped to push the page views way beyond expectation as well as usage of the Pony Mixer mash-up app. Part of a two-phase creative strategy, our digital production also covered HTML5 animation for mobile and tablet in-app placements which ran across both Celtra and Apple’s iAd network. Judging by the chatter generated by this campaign, it seems all of that silly internetty stuff is important after all!