Super natural

Delving our research deeper into the world of HTML5 and Twitter related user behaviour, a deceptively simple brief to the team was set. The challenge was to see what useful information we could glean from users’ Twitter accounts WITHOUT user authentication. The output is ‘TweetieByte’ – a super simple social media monitoring tool that spits out user-friendly visual data in easy-to-swallow byte size chunks!

Investigation into the Twitter “REST API get_statuses” look-up calls showed that we can return a plethora of data which is all open for anyone to see. We then took this raw data, re-jigged it so that it was human readable, applied our own unique style of art direction, and wallop, you have a dynamically generated infographic for any given Twitter username! To help extend the reach of the tool and in line with our new default project starting point, ‘TweetieByte’ works cross-platform so that regardless of the device you’re on, you can be rest assured that your data porn will display in its full glory. We invite you to find your vital statistics!

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