Ultimate Ladiator

Super natural

Another flamboyantly named ‘little-big’ HTML5 R&D house project, what started life as a mere tinkering, ‘Ultimate Ladiator’ has taken us a step further to satisfying our recent obsession with the Twitter API.

Combining word and sentiment analysis with a laddy challenge element, ‘Ultimate Ladiator’ invites each visiting user to challenge a mate, via their Twitter handle, to a battle of bravado. Our custom machine learning back-end then searches through a database of ‘laddy’ words, assigns a corresponding score and pumps out the results in varying degrees of laddy-ness! After providing the battleground for some great inter-studio ladiator wars, we extended the basic functionality by offering users the option to add up to four mates for a truly laddy experience and increasing the opportunity to share and spread the word. So, are you the Ultimate Ladiator?

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