Vine Masher

Super natural

Delving even further into the Twitter API after completing TweetieByte, we decided to embark on a new challenge. Vine. Launched in 2012, and now owned by Twitter, Vine has a user base of 40 million. For those that don’t know, traditionally Vines contain a six second loop of video which automatically replays.

Being massive fans of Vine we thought it would be brilliant to allow users to make Vines even more creatively than ever before. We really wanted to help people use the content in new, even more imaginative ways. That’s where Vine Masher comes in. Our newly launched site allows users to stitch together any video from Vine to create fun and interesting stories. We’ve been mashing up a storm at Super natural towers creating loads of mashes, including a homage to the Superbowl, Valentine‚Äôs Day messages, the pain of being out of milk and Britney Spears mash ups. In fact just days after soft-launching Vine Masher out into the wild, we’ve been overwhelmed with the mashes users have already created. If validation of the Vine Masher idea from users wasn’t enough, we were chuffed to be featured on The Next Web and have since been invited into Twitter HQ who also picked it up and loved it!

We’ve got loads more ideas to develop to make Vine Masher even better so watch this space for the release of v2.

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