Virgin Atlantic ‘Upper Class’


Working with Hayden Rogers and Anne-Marie Burrows at Saint, this high profile collaboration was part of the “Your airline’s either got it or it hasn’t” campaign created by RKCR/Y&R.

This AS2 version of the AS3 Virgin Atlantic Upper Class microsite was a hugely involving project, not least because much of the development was written from scratch. It utilised GreenSock’s ‘TweenLite’, ‘TimeLineMax’ and ‘TransformAroundPoint’ combined with a faux AS2 3D panel flipping class, also custom written.

A dynamic timeline was created that animates all panels from back to front and an ‘onEnterFrame’ runs to check the progress of the panel’s movement. If the panel is 50% of the way through its movement, the custom 3D flip class steps in and Y-scales the back plane to zero and the face plane to 100 giving the effect that the panel has flipped over. The timeline is then fully dynamic and its progress is based on where the drag head is. There are also ‘jump to’ points inserted so that users can simply click from one section to the next without having to sit though the full animation. A great project which belied the 300k fie size limit constraints! In fact the ad impressed enough industry people for it to be awarded Flashtalking’s campaign of the month.