Virgin Atlantic ‘Vancouver’


Working in collaboration with Saint (now RKCR/YR) for the launch of Virgin Atlantic’s new Vancouver route, we were briefed to recreate the Canadian geese used in Rainey Kelly’s offline creative in 3D to develop a striking animation piece around the iconic visual of the birds in flight for use in both in-app and online rich media formats.

Development of the in-app iPad execution was an involving one, not least because of the fairly primitive functionality of the HTML video tag where placing more than one video tag in the same place on the same page brings with it some interesting challenges! With some help from the media owner’s app technical support and utilising the ‘@media’ query to determine which set of CSS was chosen in accordance with the orientation of the device, we managed to run the in-app ad in both portrait and landscape formats in the same index page. In addition to supporting multiple orientations, we created all non-video content as SVGs and pure HTML with CSS formatting to ensure all text and Virgin Atlantic branding were as crisp as possible when viewed on both iPad2 and iPad3 – the latter with its new snazzy retina display.

The rich media online executions utilised Flashtalking’s ‘Instant Ad’ product giving the client maximum flexibility of ad messaging.